[Nulled] Pacchetto PeepSo Ultimate + Tema Gecko v4.0.0.1


Il Pacchetto PeepSo Ultimate è una raccolta di strumenti che ti aiutano a espandere la tua comunità. Ti sto mettendo in mezzo. Profilo utente di WordPress e plugin sociale del futuro

Che cos’è esattamente PeepSo?

PeepSo è un plug-in di social networking WordPress gratuito e leggero che ti consente di creare rapidamente e semplicemente un social network simile a Facebook o una community online sul tuo sito web.

Il design leggero ed eccezionale di PeepSo lo distingue dalle altre alternative di social networking. PeepSo è subito pronto all’uso e puoi creare un social network direttamente all’interno del tuo sito WordPress in pochi secondi. Non è necessario assumere un programmatore. Funziona e basta.

Demo: https://www.peepso.com/


PeepSo è davvero illimitato?

PeepSo è una piattaforma completamente gratuita necessaria per eseguire plug-in aggiuntivi. Il suo flusso di attività e le pagine del profilo ti permetteranno di iniziare a creare la community che hai sempre desiderato.

Quali componenti aggiuntivi sono inclusi nel PeepSo Ultimate Bundle?

  • Integrazioni PeepSo: App mobile v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core: Chat v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core: Friends v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core: Gruppi v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core: foto v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core: sondaggi v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core: audio e video v4.0.0.1
  • Monetizzazione PeepSo: EDD v4.0.0.1
  • Integrazioni PeepSo: BadgeOS v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core: Email Digest v4.0.0.1
  • Extra PeepSo: limiti utente v4.0.0.1
  • Extra PeepSo: VIP v4.0.0.1
  • Extra PeepSo: WordFilter v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core: Friends v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core: Gruppi v4.0.0.1
  • Monetizzazione PeepSo: annunci avanzati v4.0.0.1
  • Integrazioni PeepSo: GIPHY v4.0.0.1
  • Monetizzazione PeepSo: LearnDash v4.0.0.1
  • Integrazioni PeepSo: myCRED v4.0.0.1
  • Monetizzazione PeepSo: abbonamenti a pagamento Pro v4.0.0.1
  • Integrazioni PeepSo: accesso social e inviti v4.0.0.1
  • Monetizzazione PeepSo: WPAdverts v4.0.0.1
  • Integrazioni PeepSo: WP Event Manager v4.0.0.1
  • Monetizzazione PeepSo: WooCommerce v4.0.0.1
  • PeepSo Core v4.0.0.1 NULLATO

Changelog: Pacchetto PeepSo Ultimate + Tema
[PeepSo] Let admin exclude hasthags below certain size from the widget
[WooCommerce] WooCommerce 5.9.0 compatibility
[PeepSo] Userbar: limit menu width (mobile)
[Events] PeepSo integration needs to skip “events” toolbar item if no page is configured in WPEM
[Groups] Improve the message on group page if non-member interactions are allowed
[Groups] More general privacy descriptions to stay in line with advanced group settings such as admin-only posts, disabled comments, allowing non-members to comment/like etc
[PeepSo] Blog content missing if author box is enabled and “about” field is disabled
[PeepSo] Cannot search for hashtags on activity stream on iOS using Chinese keyboard layout.
[PeepSo] WordPress image pages do not load (404 error) when ‘Enable SEO Friendly links’ is enabled
[PeepSo] Bruteforce fatal error if a third party overrides the $errors variable to “not a WP_Error”
[PeepSo] Double PeepSoPolls class causes a faral error when upgrading from a very old PeepSo version
[App] PeepSo infinite scroll issues and WPMA on item listing pages.
[Advanced Ads] Activity Stream not showing PeepSo ad if Birthdate field is disabled
[Groups] Group “more” button is not hidden even if there is no extra content.
[Groups] Incomplete email title for new group post notification
[PMP] Missing/skipped PMP Membership Confirmation page
[PMP] When the time period of paid membership ends, users do not get expelled from our groups automatically
[Social Login] Fixed a potential critical error when loading the JWT library due to case-sensitive paths
[PeepSo] GIPHY, Polls, VIP and WordFilter are now a part of PeepSo Foundation
[PeepSo] Store on-site notifications untranslated to enable third party multi-lingual plugin support
[PeepSo] “Preset URL” field type
[PeepSo] The “Followers” feature is now a part of PeepSo Foundation
[PeepSo] Followers profile tab
[PeepSo] Count followers and followings
[PeepSo] Add more information to profile details (under cover)
[PeepSo] The legacy “integrated PeepSo” widget position is now discontinued
[PeepSo] GIPHY: add to stream posts
[PeepSo] Let admin decide to hide profile completeness if all required fields are filled
[PeepSo] Polls: let admin define sorting by votes count
[Groups] Allow reactions and/or comments for non-members in open groups
[Media] Allow video uploads without conversions
[Email Digest] Plugin moved to the “Core” category
[User Limits] Plugin moved to the “Core” category
[Social Login] Login with Apple
[Social Login] Let users disconnect from social login by using password reset even if not logged in
[PeepSo] Move focus to search bar and highlight it once GIPHY interface is opened
[PeepSo] Performance improvements in MayFly temporary storage engine
[PeepSo] Improved logic and interface around profile details
[PeepSo] let hashtags widgets display up to 100 hashtags
[PeepSo] Move Repost to Advanced and rename the box
[PeepSo] GIPHY: more granular admin controls
[PeepSo] Raise username length limit to 50
[PeepSo] Rename Hide Activity Stream from Non-logged in Users
[PeepSo] Reorganize Appearance Config
[PeepSo] Add default action text when empty
[PeepSo] Add more flexibility to the “absolute dates” setting
[PeepSo] Datepicker problem with Elementor
[PeepSo] Markdown rendering issue when the Use Regular Linebreaks config is enabled
[PeepSo] Notification box not full-width in mobile if compact mode is disabled
[Photos] Loading issues with Community Photos widget
[Photos] Setting Cover or Avatar does not apply to currently viewed photo after using prev/next buttons
[Social Login] WooCommerce guest checkout issues

[PeepSo] Installer and licensing support for Monthly Ultimate Bundle
[PeepSo] Support @peepso_user_XYZ mentions outside of PeepSo context
[SocialLogin] Ability for logged-in user to “disconnect” from Social Login and set a new password.
[WooCommerce] 5.8.x compatibility
[PeepSo] Let admin disable PeepSo override on WP Admin Bar
[SocialLogin] Users do not need a “change password” field in “account” tab if registered via a social provider
[PeepSo] Mentions don’t work when editing a Post Background type
[PeepSo] Blog Posts integration creates multiple items in the stream if /%category/%postname%/ permalinks are used – 15 Feb 2021
[BREAKING] PeepSo now requires PHP 7.2 or newer
[BREAKING] PeepSo now requires WordPress 5.4 or newer
[PeepSo] Name Based Avatars
[PeepSo] ReCaptcha during login
[PeepSo] Let admin disable logins with username
[PeepSo] Let admin define a custom T&C / PC policy Page(s) and open it in a new tab when registering instead
[PeepSo] AJAX queue/request pressure limiter module
[PeepSo] Handle AJAX exception gracefully
[Groups] Rename “closed” groups to “private”
[Groups] Add an “exact phrase” option to the group search
[WooCommerce] Ensure compatibility with WooCommerce 5.0.0
[Other] Ensure compatibility with PHP 8.0
[Other] Start preparing for WordPress 5.7
[PeepSo] Hide registration-related configs if registration is disabled.
[PeepSo] Minor language improvements
[AdvancedAds] Allow “center” and “img” tag in PeepSo Stream Ads & implement a filter to allow further customization
[Groups] Improve search/filter interface
[Photos] Lightbox comment section UI/UX improvements
[SocialLogin] Cloudflare compatibility
[EarlyAccess] New Search: search results UI design & fixes
[PeepSo] Cannot reply on comment after expanding previous comments
[PeepSo] Unable to change profile avatar due to a conflict with BBQ Firewall plugin
[PeepSo] Unable to crop avatars due to missing CSS class in dark color scheme
[PeepSo] User already approved by admin who accidentally clicks e-mail confirmation is switched back to Pending Admin Approval
[EDD] Wrong redirect after updating a payment method
[Friends] Avatar obscures name in birthday widget if name is too long
[Groups] Members shouldn’t get notification about group avatar/cover changes when the settings disabled
[Groups] Members group tab menu can’t be scrolled on mobile view
[Photos] Albums photo counts inconsistent
[Photos] Admin unable to access “only me” albums
[Photos] Thumbnails not cropped properly if the original image is smaller than the thumb size
[PMP] PMP redirection interferes with WooCommerce checkout
[SocialLogin] can’t create PMP discount codes when PeepSo SLAI is activated
[WPAds] Improve compatibility with renewing ads feature – 18 Jan 2021
[PeepSo] Early Access: Include Awesome Support Documentation in New Search
[Groups] Closed groups can now auto-accept members
[WooCommerce] WooCommerce 4.9.0 compatibility
[PeepSo] Lightbox with long captions – comments UX
[PeepSo] Ensure embeds follow the “new tab” setting
[PeepSo] “Disable link preview” option dissapears after post edit
[PeepSo] Early Access: Avatar preview defaults to old gendered avatar when deleting user photo
[Groups] Scrolling UX in “post to group” list
[Photos] Show x more comments button sometimes is not showing on lightbox – 12 Jan 2021
[PeepSo] Let admin disable reset password delay
[PeepSo] Let admin redirect default WP registration to PeepSo registration
[PeepSo] Early Access: Name Based Avatar admin preview
[PeepSo] Early Access: SVG avatars scaling in e-mail notifications
[PeepSo] Comment section on lightbox design improvement on mobile
[PeepSo] Notification box half hidden if widget profile is in right sidebar
[PeepSo] PHP errors triggered on the search page if there are no results
[Chat] New page is created during activation if the peepso_messages shortcode has arguments
[Chat] The same message might render twice under high load / slow AJAX
[Groups] PHP warnings in error log when expanding/collapsing group categories in admin
[Photos] Uploaded GIFs are glitching out on mobile
[Polls/Groups] non group members shouldn’t be able to take a vote on group poll – 5 Jan 2021
[PeepSo] Better stream performance on websites with thousands of user blocks
[Videos/Groups] Missing space between group name and “posted a video”

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Scarica PeepSo Ultimate Bundle + Gecko Theme v4.0.0.1 Nulled

Nota: Forse è necessario decomprimere prima di installare il plug-in. Non diamo alcuna garanzia se un tema/plugin contiene virus. Si prega di controllare Virustotal prima di usarlo su localhost.